DATE NIGHT! This week, embark on a blind date with…

Following the recent government decision to close all cultural institutions, the 4 locations of BLIND DATE will also be closed from Thursday 29 October to 23 November 2020.

Please make sure to take a quick look at the Terms & Conditions for Visitors. We’ve taken the necessary measures and we ask you to respect the rules too, to protect yourself and others. Please note that mouthmasks are obligatory.

We advise you to book your ticket online. See you soon!

  • Curators Katharina Van Cauteren and Hildegard Van de Velde offer you a preview of what you can discover, in the video below.
  • In addition, we have decided to make the BLIND DATE exhibition guide available, for free.
  • From now on, every Friday, we invite you to a blind date with one of the characters in the exhibition.





Flemish portrait art

The Phoebus Foundation has teamed up with the Snyders&Rockox House in Antwerp to organize a unique exhibition devoted to the history of portrait art. The Foundation has selected the finest portraits from its collection, from the late Middle Ages through to the early modern era, to tell the fascinating story of this genre.  The panels and canvases are accompanied by a rich portfolio of accessories and attributes, including rattles, jewellery and much more besides. In this way, history becomes tangible and the portraits come to life.

Are you ready for a dialogue with richly dressed ladies, a woolly kitchen maid, a bishop or a patrician? Don’t worry: they won’t answer back. But one way or another they will divulge their secrets, allowing themselves to be slowly read.

  • 28 Oct 2020
    COVID-19 maatregelen

    Naar aanleiding van de recente beslissing van de regering om alle culturele instellingen te sluiten, zijn ook de 4 locaties van BLIND DATE vanaf donderdag 29 oktober tot en met 23 november dicht.

  • 16 Oct 2020
    Goed nieuws!

    Nadat onze BLIND DATE locatie Snijders&Rockoxhuis weer openging, zijn nu ook de Keizerskapel en de Caroluskerk weer open! In het weekend toch...

  • 24 Sep 2020
    Concert in het Museum Vleeshuis!

    Volgende week vrijdag, 2 oktober 2020, organiseert het Vleeshuis een concert dat in het teken staat van BLIND DATE. Voor slechts 5 euro geniet je van een mooie muzikale avond, opgeluisterd door de Sweete Devils.

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Portrait of Anne Anthonis

Peter Paul Rubens
ca. 1615-1618

Oil on panel, 54 x 40,5 cm

Antwerp, The Phoebus Foundation


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