GUESS WHO? David Teniers II, Self-Portrait at the Age of 34

David Teniers II (1610-1690)

Our portraits have a lot to tell about themselves, but is it enough for you to recognize them?

Can you guess who this fashion-conscious young gentleman is? Admittedly, his attire is a bit misleading and doesn't really match his profession. 

A) Painter Gonzales Coques poses here for his brother-in-law David Ryckaert III after he became a member of the Guild of Saint Luke in 1640. 

B) The unknown gentleman is a rich Antwerp citizen with a great sense of fashion.

C) This is a self-portrait of David Teniers II. For this special occasion, the painter has changed his painter’s vest for a fancy lace collar. He looks like a real seigneur! 

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