GUESS WHO? Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam

Pieter II Brueghel (1564/65-1638)

After the “Date Night” on Friday and the “Detail Date” on Thursday, it is time for a new game!

Today we play "Guess who?" Our portraits have a lot to tell about themselves, but is it enough for you to recognize them?

Can you guess who our mysterious portrayed is today? The book in front of him and his iconic headpiece might help you on the right track? Tip: the person portrayed is best known for the satirical book “In Praise of Folly”, in which the abuses of his time are discussed. Which of the following options is correct?

  • The one and only Cardinal Carlo de Medici is depicted here.
  • The person portrayed is a rich book dealer based in Rotterdam.
  • This man is none other than the influential Desiderius Erasmus.

Need help? Feel free to consult the downloadable visitor guide.

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