Lady with Rose (Allegory of the Sense of Smell)

Jan Boeckhorst (1604-1668)

Friday night = DATE NIGHT!

Spring provides a frivolous note, the flowers begin to bloom and the winter wardrobe may be exchanged for some more naked. Meet this graceful lady of Jan Boeckhorst. What strikes you?



My sexy clothes, and especially all that décolleté, is very different from what you see with the other ladies here. They’re all dressed very decorously: covered up chastely with long sleeves and lace collars. This amount of nudity would be very inappropriate in a portrait! But Jan Boeckhorst, the artist, hasn’t painted me as myself, but as the personification of the sense of smell.

You can find me in the Museum Snijders&Rockox House but still behind closed doors.


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