Regrettably, not all the locations are equally accessible to wheelchair users. Disabled visitors are therefore offered free entry, along with one companion. Access at each location is listed below:

A. Emperor’s Chapel (Keizerskapel)

No wheelchair access

B. Snyders&Rockox House Museum

Limited wheelchair access

You can access the whole building in a regular wheelchair. The Snyders&Rockox House Museum has a lift to take you to the different floors. The museum also uses ramps where there are differences in level.
Electric wheelchair users only have limited access to the museum. If you wish, you can also borrow a standard wheelchair provided by the Snyders&Rockox House.

To enable staff to assist you as effectively as possible, it is advisable (though not compulsory) to notify the museum of your visit in advance. You can do so by phone on +32 3 201 92 50, or by e-mail to

C. The Vleeshuis

No wheelchair access

Standard wheelchairs can access the first floor via a small lift. Unfortunately, this is too small for an electric wheelchair, which means you will not be able to reach the first floor, where BLIND DATE is taking place.

Wheelchair users can also visit the lower level beneath the ground floor, although you need to enter via a different entrance.

Please do not hesitate to ask museum staff for assistance.


D. St Charles Borromeo’s Church (Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk)

No wheelchair access

Regrettably, the BLIND DATE artworks are not accessible to wheelchair users, as they are located on the first floor, which can only be reached via stairs.

The church itself is wheelchair-friendly, however, and is absolutely worth a visit.


Plenty of benches and other seats are provided in the exhibition itself, and you can also request a fold-up chair.

Please bear in mind too that there are uneven kerbs and cobblestones, etc. along the walking route, which might also hinder wheelchair users.