Terms & Conditions for visitors

The visit occurs at your own risk. The owners, operators and/or their representatives may not be held liable for any accidents, physical or material damage, and/or theft of personal possessions.

Access to the exhibition spaces

Visitors will only be granted access to the exhibition spaces if they hold a valid proof of entry and, where applicable, the card or voucher entitling the holder to a discount on the price of entry. Visitors must present such proof at any time at the request of the staff. Any temporary or unexpected inability to access certain exhibition spaces will not entitle the visitor to a refund or reduction of the entrance price, unless this is expressly stated on the website and at the ticket desk of the Snyders&Rockox House Museum.

Visitor behaviour

During their time in the exhibitions, visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a decent and seemly manner. They must immediately obey any instructions on the part of authorised personnel. In the event of failure to comply, the visitor may be denied further access, without this entitling them to any refund of either the entry ticket or of any other costs that might have been incurred.

Children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible parent or adult supervisor.  Supervisors of children and/or groups are responsible for and may be challenged regarding the behaviour of the persons/groups they are supervising.

Visitors are liable for any damage they cause during their visit. They will be required to compensate for any damage caused.

Security of persons, works of art and buildings

In the event of unlawful or irregular incidents, the necessary measures may be taken, including closure of the exhibition space and entrances to or exits from it. Such measures might also entail those present in the space to remain there until the authorities arrive.

The decision can be taken to close the exhibitions, partially or completely, or to change the opening times, in the event of overcrowding, disturbances, emergencies, natural and/or other circumstances that might threaten the safety of persons, works of art or goods.

Visitors may not commit any act that might endanger the safety of the Organisation, other visitors or goods. Any accident, illness on the part of an individual, or abnormal incident ought to be reported to the Organisation immediately.

Liability of the Organisation

Individuals take part in visits to the exhibition spaces at their own risk. Participants waive any recourse and/or the right to make any claim against The Phoebus Foundation, the owners, operators and/or their representatives (hereafter the ‘Organisation’). The Organisation is hence not responsible for any accidents, physical or material damage, and/or theft of personal possessions, etc.

The Organisation is only liable for damage it causes deliberately or through gross negligence in the price information, notifications or other forms of information it provides the participant.


The Organisation will make every possible effort to ensure that the visit to the exhibition spaces occurs in accordance with the published offering and will inform the public to the best of its ability regarding any complete, partial or early closure of the theme exhibitions and of any circumstances that might affect a visit to the exhibition, including maintenance activities, renovation and/or the fitting or refitting of the exhibition spaces. This can occur via the Organisation’s website.

Complaints and/or suggestions can be communicated to the Organisation via the form available at the ticket desk or by email to info@blinddate.vlaanderen. Complaints must be addressed to the Organisation within six weeks of the visit. Complaints received after that period will not be accepted and are hence void. If the complaint is submitted on time and is justified, any compensation may not exceed a refund of the ticket price.